The car is playing F1 mode than Ferrari McLaren earlier – this case our today’s automobile Sohu, is one of the 1991 Acura NSX, the Acura NSX is a Japanese in Japan at a beat Ferrari 348 born, as the target and has a "Ferrari Japan" supercar, as the minds of countless fans of Dream Car, it not only has captured the hearts of the people of the classic shape as well as the world’s first full production car aluminum car was shining aura, while cheshen Senna also served as consultant to the research and test of the car. 1990-2005 Honda, Acura NSX in 15 years in the life cycle of a total of only 18734 vehicles manufacturing, 8739 of which were exported to North America, most of the rest stay in Japan, it is rare to see in china. Recently, we had the opportunity to take a car, please follow the following editors to enjoy the lens of the spirit of the representative of the Honda – NSX supercar. The conversion project list output power: 270 HP 201.3 kW torque: 210 pounds of · feet 285 meters; twist engine: RDX 440cc nozzle SOS test tube Spec 3 order lightweight clutch hub AASCO Prospeed 3 + Pride V2 order debugging air inlet and exhaust pressure of UNI filter: TEIN Flex NSXR chassis suspension arm Axxis PBR Brembo liner and piston calipers for tire pressure monitoring Falken FK452 Varrstoen ES1: NSX-R wheel tire interior red carpet NSX-R MOMO NSX-R steering wheel horn Comptech short NSX-R Skunk 2 gear shift lever shift knob original black seat Bose speakers and subwoofer appearance: NSX 02+ front-end conversion NS X 02+ is under pressure before NSX-R conversion under the hood pressure NSX-R rear spoiler DIfflow 5 Element Stacy Vizage rear diffuser side skirts prolabium original statement: This is to network original works, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome friends to share to my circle of friends. The forefront of domestic and international car modification information, the latest wave of the most modified car culture, search and attention to change the network micro signal gtuucom".相关的主题文章: