The city voted debt as "xiangbobo" bonds policy and various threshold Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Wang Yuan Zhao Yihui, editor of Chen Yu in a downturn, although the risk of default occurs frequently, but the city voted bonds has become only a "pure land", has not occurred with a substantial breach. Facing this situation, since the beginning of September, China’s two major bond issuance departments at almost the same time to adjust the platform company bonds, but the attitude is different: in charge of short financial, tickets and other non-financial corporate debt financing instruments Dealers Association, cautious liberalization for district level platform for the company to issue bonds; but the Commission is strict tightening platform company bonds, improve the debt threshold. As a platform company, why bonds threshold but will encounter "low high"? Some industry sources, the difference in regulatory policy, the essence is to optimize the structure of the need to issue. This is also from the side shows in the "steady growth" under the policy support, the current platform company cash flow is the best of times, because the city voted debt default risk is relatively low, as institutional investors sought meat and potatoes". Carefully release the county level platform for the company to issue bonds in September 10th, the Dealer Association issued the urban infrastructure construction enterprise information disclosure table, strengthen information disclosure norms. At the same time simplify the corporate bond issuance requirements, cancel the relevant requirements of the debt financing instruments issued window to improve the release window selection flexibility. After the beginning of the September, the underwriter Dealers Association held a briefing, the conditional release was part of the county platform class enterprise bonds. For a better economic base, the relatively high degree of market-oriented operation of the provincial capital cities and municipalities, to support these areas under the county level enterprises registered debt financing instruments issued. Dealers Association’s new deal for some of the better quality but the debt is high on the provincial capital city of the county platform is certainly positive." Deputy director of the International Department of the government financing Rating Rating Guan Fei told reporters, on the one hand Dealers Association Limited release bonds standard, on the one hand, by the new old risk control and support steady growth. Dealers Association to further optimize the issue of debt financing instruments to facilitate the issue of registration. Dealers Association pointed out that with further standardize the State Council issued the relevant documents to the local government debt financing, debt replacement steadily, urban construction enterprises gradually stripped financing functions of government, independent production gradually improve, market recognition ability and the level of information disclosure, also increased gradually, so as to simplify the business registration requirements. "For the industry competitiveness is not strong, high asset liability ratio, the financial situation, market acceptance is not high, the reference external rating, registered in accordance with the issue of the amount of calculation of full bore public offering all kinds of bonds." Dealers Association rules. In contrast to the exchange policy, the amount of the public offering of corporate bonds for the most recent 40% of the net assets of the end of the consolidated merger of all registered bonds issued corporate bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable debt scale. "This theory of meaning相关的主题文章: