Health Varied methods of drug addiction treatment are followed by hospitals and drug rehab centers around us. The quicker method is definitely the medication method where the toxic remnants of drugs are removed with the help of medicines. The process causes a lot of pain to the addict. But it has been observed that most of the drug addicts treated like this tend to return to their earlier wayward ways. This proves that drug rehabilitation is not a process that treats the body, but the mind also. After all, drug addiction is basically a mental illness, which later turns into a mixture of mental and physical weakness. The narconon drug rehab program is the most renowned and effective drug rehab treatment method. The program tries to treat the mind more than the body. Experts have pointed out that most drug addicts are attracted to drugs because they suffer from an inferiority complex and find it very difficult to stand up for himself. They try to get over this problem by resorting to excessive use of drugs which they feel would make them look macho to others. It is this state of mind that the narconon method tends to cure. Physical cure is only a part of this treatment process. Some of our drug rehabilitation centers follow the narconon method which usually ends in high success. Other drug rehab programs have been found to be lacking in the overall treatment character of this method and the result is that many reformed addicts once again drift back into the mud hole. In the US, success levels were as high as eighty five percent. Other parts of the world also witness a similar success rate. Drug rehab treatment centers have come about as a blessing to the addicts who are directly affected by this danger, but also for others around them who are indirectly affected. You cannot lead a normal life if one of your loved ones is a drug addict. Many families tend to keep the problem under wraps, but some time or other you would have to face the problem. You have to take the bull by its horns, otherwise the bull would injure you grievously. The narconon drug rehab program consists of a series of steps which treat the body and mind of the addict alike. No chemical drugs are administered, but more emphasis is given to a holistic approach where love and care gains more importance than medication. The process may take more time than other methods, but the end result is more lasting. Moreover, some of our rehab centers providing drug rehab treatment are situated in peaceful surroundings. This could have a calming effect on the nerves of the addict even before the treatment starts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: