Industrial policy is the essence of the planned economy thought the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) about the nature of industrial policy debate columnist Zhang Weiying is the paradigm of the debate, support industrial policy with the new classical economics paradigm, according to this paradigm, the market is a way to allocate resources, and there will be all kinds of failure, so it is necessary to have a central coordinating agency, the agency in the market than entrepreneurs have more information, so we can correct the market failure. This 50s with the planned economy thought completely the same. The essence of industrial policy is the publication of the "Mises biography", which is of great significance. The first meaning is conducive to our understanding of the market economy. This biography about the forming process of Mises’s thoughts, Mises’s thought, further the Austria School of economics, I think in general on the real understanding of the market place, the most thorough, is the real real world economics, it is better than the mainstream neoclassical economics much more profound understanding of the market, even though it is in no form of new classical economics is so beautiful, so mathematical. Market reform China currently encountered some difficulties, some of the important aspects in backwards, formed in the past in some cognitive reversal, which is related to the misunderstanding of traditional economic theory of the market, "biography of Mises" was published, to spread the Austria School of economics, helps to clarify some theoretical misunderstandings. The second meaning is to give people a spiritual strength. Contemporary economists like Mises so experienced people may not too much, we know that many prominent economists live in when he won the Nobel prize in economics, there is a very decent occupation at least in universities and other academic institutions, but Mises such great scholars in the university can not find a formal position. But he did not give up, intentnesses, always adhere to their own ideas, development, in "human action" this brilliant masterpiece, almost private way to cultivate students, which makes the fire of the Austria school in the United States to prosper. When he was alive, many scholars think he preached to him not to regard it as right, just an ideology, or even "not really have neither learning nor skill", economics thought, just after his death, his mind has been paid more and more attention. By what he supported himself to keep his point of view, live to 92 years old? It was his faith in his theory, his belief in freedom. I believe in, economists and other scholars, he is a great example, is a saint, beyond many other outstanding contemporary economists. I would like to talk about the issue of economic paradigm, some of the current economic policy debate related to this. It is clear that there is a relevant socialist planned economy feasibility debates in the 20 and 30s economic circles, the initiator is Mises. At the time of the 20s, the planned economy was attractive in many countries, and the Soviet Union had already started a planned economy. After World War II, from 50s onwards, China相关的主题文章: