The girl was the old man slapped did seat period (Figure) – Sohu news yesterday, users micro Bo said, an old man and a girl suspected quarrel because of a seat in the subway car. The figure for users yesterday, a video on the Shenyang subway forwarded by many people: a girl and an old man quarrel, the girl said the old man was slapped, eventually two people to the police station to understand each other. After the girl said to the holidays, and the love seat was empty seat to sit down. The old man because the girl did not give their seat, both sides took place in the previous scene. "The street and Shenyang Metro Line 1 to 8:30, the car was heard an old man and a girl making up, the old man has been called the girl, the girl said to the seat, is also playing a girl, before not photographed, later the girl can’t stand it, together with the match." Yesterday morning, a netizen uploaded a video. Girls in the video mood is very excited, said! Find a policeman, you don’t go! So long, my Dad hadn’t touched me a finger, you hit me……" The other end of the lens, an elderly man with dirty mouth spit. In Baogongjie Station, the two have to get off. Before getting off, the car more than two passengers are advised not to overreact. A witness netizen said: "that the old man let the girl to his seat. Then kick girl, said the girl what sit here, girl on top of a few words, the old man said let her stay, she was afraid the old man falsely. Then the old man was hit, it will flash a headshot. Everyone said that the old man is too much, the old man is not convinced, who said the police who, later the girl." After the interview, the video of the girl said, his early peak after the car to see the love seat is empty, you just sit down, because she is uncomfortable. Suddenly someone kicked my foot, I thought it was not intentional, I was watching the phone, did not pay attention to the elderly, then shrink shrink." The girl said, then the old man said: "you have to give me a seat, you age so small." Because of the special circumstances, the girl was ashamed to open her mouth. The girl said, "he didn’t see the seat, the elderly first kick my ass, I went back to the foot, he pulled my hair, also hit me." Subsequently, the two came to the police station in the subway, after understanding, the old man is 73 years old this year. In the police mediation, an old man apologized to the girl, the girl also expressed his regret. Because there is no interview with the elderly, some details have not been confirmed from the elderly. "He was older, give him the seat should be, but even to say, I’ll make sure." The girl said. Survey: young people do not respect ", or" old weak mentality "in the bus, on the subway because of the" seat "led to the dispute is young enough It is often seen.," respect "? Or part of the old "weak mentality at work? In response to this problem, this newspaper, "the setting sun" weekly had a questionnaire survey, through the network and the streets of young people and the elderly 50 people, which are more representative of the views of a summary analysis. Young people do not seat 52% due to "too tired", the 56% old man didn’t think the car will have a seat. Yesterday reporter.相关的主题文章: