Internet-Marketing Free advertising may sound too good to be true, considering how prevalent paid ads are these days. Everyones familiar with how companies are more than willing to shell out the big bucks just to have their products placed in television commercials, billboards, websites, blockbuster movies, and any other venue they can think of. Because of this, hardly anyone knows that the free classified ad actually still exists, and that it remains just as potent as the rest of those heavily-funded advertising endeavours without being, well, heavily-funded. People have taken to ignoring this humble little ad because they adhere to the belief that bigger is always, always better. The thing is, this is simply not true. Just because something is small and actually affordable doesnt immediately mean that it has less potency. If you actually fashion the ad the right way, it can be just as powerfulor even more sothan the largest and flashiest billboard in the world. Just do the free classified ad correctly, and youll be amazed by the results! So how do you harness its amazing power? Simpleits all about the copy. The thing about most classified ads is that they all sound the same. Thats the reason a lot of people dont take this medium very seriously. It tends to sound way too plain and cookie-cutter; it tends to not sound compelling enough to encourage anyone to purchase anything. So, why not do something about it? You have the freedom to put whatever you want in it, so why this need to stick to convention? Yes, a free classified ad doesnt offer much space, but if you do things right, a single sentence can say it all! One thing you should definitely not do when crafting your ad is to use those awful abbreviations. The better way to go is to actually put up a single, powerful, absolutely intriguing sentence, followed by your contact details. And thats it. Dont put too many details in it. Just write something that will compel the reader to take their phone out and give you a call. Thats when you can reveal further details about your deal to them. Think about it: the more details you put in your free classified ad, the less possibility there is that customers will come calling. Its too easy for someone to see a detail they dont like in the ad and forego calling altogether, when you could have had an opportunity to make that person change their mind, or to make some sort of negotiation with them. Remember that an ad doesnt have to be a ten-page dissertation on why a person has to buy your product. With something as short and simple as a classified ad, you have to use the medium as a lure instead. Use it as bait. Dont use it as the prize itself. A lot of people enjoy intrigue and would always go out of their way to learn more about something that piques their interest. Yes, even if it is in the form of a free classified ad, or whatever other simple techniques for free advertising there are out there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: