Marketing-Direct Marketing lists is the very core of any successful online business. .pany decision makers who wants their business to grow must extend the efforts in building and increasing the value of their marketing list. Building a direct mail list is one of the most important marketing strategy for your business. No salesman would ever venture out without the list of potential clients. According to the golden rule of telemarketing, The money is really in the list. The bread and butter in.e .es from your direct mail lists which .poses of your well established customers. It is important because you get to keep your most valued prospects. You have the advantage of providing them news, updates or promotions in order to entice them to buy again. Basically, direct mail lists are lists that will enable you to .municate straight to the consumers. It could be in a form, of catalogs, promotional letters, and in the more recent advent of online marketing. Many .pany owners consider the list as one of the most valuable asset for their business growth. It is because it is what provides them greater chances of closing a sale in a more consistent manner. One of the most important advantages of the list is that it never grows old. You can always inform customers of the new products or promotions your .pany is offering, every transaction is a new way of increasing your sales. The more targeted your list is the likelier the contacts are to purchase your products and the more chances you have of closing a sale. Thus, ensuring growth in terms of profit for your .pany. What are the advantages that you can get out of the direct mail list that you have? It includes the following: Quick response While you are assured that the list is easier to control specially when .municating with your targeted audience, you also get an assurance that audience wouldn’t have to wait to get a response from you. If you also include order options in your messages your audience have a more convenient option of responding to your offer. Highly targeted audience-When you build the list you can target and send information more selectively. You can reach any .pany that you think fits your target audience. Personalized- You have the benefit and choice of sending out information in a more personalized manner. Whichever you think is more appropriate for a specific audience. You have the power to affect how people perceive your .pany because you can make your messages so personally relevant. List of loyal customers- Direct mail lists puts you in a greater advantage specially in identifying loyal customers. It allows you to easily build up a list of contacts that has a greater chance of purchasing your products and services in the future. One-to-one level of .munication- It’s you and the customer. You have the opportunity to persuade customers to purchase your .pany’s products and services. Direct mail allows you to .municate effectively with your target audience. It builds awareness of your .pany and deepen the relationships between you and customers. When you are looking to build your list focus on important matters, aiming for the objectives of your business will ensure success. Marketing is an important tool in the growth and development of a business. You need to build an effective direct mail list, build trust and good will with your target audience. To start, you can build your own list or seek guidance from established direct mail list providers and see how they can help your business grow through an effective direct marketing strategy. About the Author: By: Gabriel Salome – Direct Marketing Services refers to method of marketing the products and/or services of a .pany, directly to the prospect i.e. the traditional marketing method. 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