The real upbringing of children, never from the rich! Sohu said that maternal and infant children, two labels recognized the "happiness" and "raise" hard, the whole family around this a little baby, and play with all the world famous brand, last year tens of thousands of pieces of early access to the weekend, interest classes to enhance all-round quality, can also leave all over the world to broaden their horizons. Some children even in kindergarten began to learn equestrian, golf and other aristocratic sports. The parents to raise a child with a sigh, he did not hesitate to throw money out, everything is not for the children? As long as the conditions permit at home, who will not love dearly because of money, and let the children lose in the starting point of integration with the world. According to this nutrient rich, arguably we could develop the most versatile, the best and most beautiful child, see the future citizens of the world model sample from them can. However, life is often seen, but some children have a lot of bad habits, people feel from the world of this training goal is still one hundred and eight thousand miles. Such "high input, low output," and so on from the phenomenon? Have you thought about it? Road rage burst foul language, but children imitate father Maomao is recognized as a good temper, refined and cultured people, but when driving prone to road rage. In the Empire often congested streets, Maomao blurt out a worried father upset all burst foul language, did not expect in the seat back, the child that a pair of innocent eyes looking at his every word and action! Once, when mother and other children’s parents, kindergarten just drizzle has cited the father of foul language, the little guy did not understand what is the meaning of language, but he seems to learn the words of my father and very proud. Since then, he began to say, playing with a bad word will break up, the more the more forbidden the more happy he said. For this, babies mother with no less father quarrel, he returned to the promulgation of the "ban on swearing". As to whether the habit of Mao can be corrected, we must look at the father of the "ban" is in place. You throw litter, in fact, threw into the hearts of children in the nursery nursery litter, repeated, the teacher told Doug mother to be guided. My mother pressed to anger with Doug communication, Doug is to say: not to regard it as right and no mother thrown into the trash in the kindergarten! This reminds me of the peas, the last time to participate in the nursery to participate in the activities of children with peas, I think that some of the trash away from their own, and a little tired, they readily put the hands of paper thrown into the grass. I did not expect, but he was impressed by the scene, and even imitate their actions. I have seen in the park when a family, the parents take the empty food bag, the used wipes, specially the rubbish into a small bag, leaving deliberately let toddlers take the bag thrown into the trash in the nearby. I really want to praise this kind of parents, because they know: do not be accustomed to small but not training. Take a few pieces of paper, but teach the child to take advantage of the small Rong Rong grandma.相关的主题文章: