Outsourcing 3D Architectural drawings came and took the industry by a storm converting every cad drawing to AutoCAD or Revit. Architects, Engineers and Consultants are now .pletely dependent on 3D Models which give them a closer and a more real virtual picture of the actual project. Autodesks Revit is emerging as the single most important architectural drafting tool. Drafting in Revit is faster and more flexible .pared to other BIM tools. Revit has changed the way construction professionals look at construction documentation. It has a bag full of benefits enjoyed by most in the industry today. The reason behind its growing popularity is well deserved. Benefits of Revit Conversion Any change made in one .ponent leads to automatic changes made in the entire project, saving you time and effort. User friendly graphical parametric modeling enables .ponent drawing without programming. Sea of preset templates available to save your time and energy. Revits Single Project Database file makes project management and coordination easy. It is .patible with various drawing formats like DWG, DGN, CNC to name a few. It features Parametric Modeling that allows customized designing and .ponent creation. Using Revit allows architects to create multiple buildings and link them together for one project with its Model Linking feature. Its viewing mode makes .plicated drawing simple, reducing errors. A boon for designers as it allows creation of animated walkthroughs to allure clients. The shift to Revit platform may seem like a big task and require huge investment. But once you begin using it, you realize the difference and bring in more ROI in terms of time, quality and cost saving. Professionals in the industry who have worked for over two decades on 2D CAD drawings tools are endorsing Revit for the development of architectural design and drawings. This BIM software has created its space in the industry and is increasingly being used on residential, .mercial, industrial, transport and manufacturing projects. This has created a threat among its .petitors and they are trying hard to catch up with the brilliance of and increasing conversions. Revit has brought in a revolution of convenience and creativity in the AEC industry. If not, be.e a part of this revolution now! About the Author: Want To Outsource? Think Again By: Ava Smith – We believe outsourcing is more than a fast Internet connection, Dropbox and Skype. Great outsourcing is the result of a great partnership between two teams. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, he … Tags: How Can A Multilingual Call Center Help You Grow Your Business? By: Bijan Golyan – For years, businesses have been using call centers to outsource customer service and marketing for many reasons. In recent years, these centers mainly use only one language for their services. 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