Taiwan authorities: James Soong took his daughter to attend the APEC is compared with the original title: James Soong park model with daughter attended the APEC questioned scholars: please take the tablets to the Global Times reported [] PFP chairman James Soong next month will bring her daughter Song Zhenmai went to Peru to attend the APEC (APEC) meeting. According to Taiwan’s presidential palace, said James Soong took her daughter to attend APEC, CF CF park mode, but the argument is questioned by scholars on the island. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the PFP legislator Li Hongjun said 29 days, because the APEC leaders must take Mrs. counterparts, "presidential palace" suggested by Song Zhenmai James Soong instead of deceased lady Chen Wanshui, APEC has this precedent, CF South Korea’s "Pu Jinhui mode", is accompanied by his father, who park former South Korean President Pu Zhengxi went to APEC. Bao Zhenghao director of the global political economy Department of Tamkang University, former South Korean President Pu Zhengxi was assassinated in 1979, APEC was founded in 1989, "I don’t know how to take Pu Zhengxi to the park? It is to take the tablets?" Bao Zhenghao said, do not know the "presidential palace" and "park mode" comes from the history, quoted is not correct. It is understood that the APEC summit did not request must with Mrs. counterparts, however, Lien Chan and Xiao Wanchang in previous years the APEC summit in general will attend his wife. Bao Zhenghao said that the meeting of APEC leaders are more symbolic than real meaning, is unlikely to reach any agreement, but Taiwan had sent served as vice president Lien Chan and Xiao Wanchang, this is because the school sent James Soong, not satisfied, transfer characters, and finally chose the opposition party chairman James Soong, low level than in the past; now all the focus on Song Zhenmai, the focus of out of focus, but also people on the APEC is very difficult to have what to expect. (Wei Yunping) editor in chief: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: