The Trump foundation exposing shady money to settle the lawsuit to buy portrait – Sohu U.S. presidential election news competition, and economic related topics caused widespread concern. The Xinhua news agency said Trump is a "liar" for the Hilary team, Trump said the team fought back the Clinton foundation is used to build up the family fortunes according to Xinhua news agency, the U.S. presidential election entered the final stage, "money" has become one of the key words of this political activity. The American media disclosed on September 21st, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? The fund shady heavy, misappropriation of others donated money for their own profit, the money used to buy out the lawsuit, portrait etc.. In response to this report, the Trump team denied, and opponents, the Democratic presidential candidate, said the team, said Clinton, which once again proved that the is a liar". The United States private donations "Washington Post" reports, reporters after a week-long survey, referring to the Trump foundation of relevant legal documents and tax records and other materials, found the non-profit charitable foundation, there are many doubts of fiscal expenditure, and not a lot of money to charity, but by Trump himself or misappropriation of company. According to the report, since 2009, Trump has not donated a dollar to the foundation named after him. The foundation’s funding sources are basically from third party donations. Expenditure of the foundation, a total of about $258 thousand may be misappropriated by Trump. One of them, Trump alleged misappropriation of $100 thousand in 2007 to settle a lawsuit. At that time, Trump runs a club in Florida, Palm Beach, he erected a 24 metre flagpole there, more than the prescribed height of the local government, was fined $120 thousand. Trump dissatisfied with the punishment, the local government to court. Finally, he donated $100 thousand to the beach a Veterans’ charity fund, to quell the storm. At the same time mentioned in reports, also in 2007, Trump bought a nearly two meter high, painting a huge portrait of himself, from the Trump foundation embezzled $twenty thousand. Opponents ridiculed Trump foundation "shady" was dug, the Hilary team immediately grabbed the handle, to taunt Trump. However, the Hilary team seems to forget that the Clinton Foundation’s political donations scandal has not been clarified. Hilary’s campaign team spokesman, Christina, said in an ironic tone: "obviously, the foundation is a charitable organization, as the" University of "is the same as the higher education institutions, such as" the University of ". The incident proved once again that Trump was a liar, and that all the rules did not apply to him." "Trump University" is the real estate tycoon facing another trouble. The so-called "University" was founded in 2005, with the network teaching methods to teach students Trump a way of earning money. But in fact it is not a university, but the company, did not get any qualification certificate. A large number of students filed a lawsuit to the court, said the Trump University fraud. For the Washington Post, the latest report, the Trump team to be firm"相关的主题文章: