The United States Agency to verify the "alien" signal failed — technology — original title: the U.S. Agency attempted to verify the "alien" failed to signal   science and technology daily Beijing (reporter Li Zhao) in August 31, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) Research Institute says 31 days, two days in a row with Alan telescope array, Hercules detection a galaxy is a radio signal detection even extended frequency range, still no results. This round of detection originated from a number of Russian astronomer’s statement, they said "Russian academy radio telescope -600" (RATAN-600) to detect the radio signal wavelength of 2.7 cm, the beam width in horizontal direction and vertical direction of about 20 arc seconds about 2 rad points, from HD164595 in the constellation Hercules galaxy, about 95 light-years from earth. This means that it will take only 95 years for the light or radio waves to reach earth, and if the signal does come from the HD164595 star system, you can imagine how high the level of extraterrestrial life there is. The RATAN-600 radio telescope built in the Russian Caucasus mountain, opened in 1974. Russian astronomers believe that the signal was detected in May 15, 2015, and has not been released outside the news, this month, 28, was disclosed by a website. According to the statement of Russian astronomers, SETI institute two researchers have published an article, given the possibility of radio signals from extraterrestrial intelligence life, pour cold water". According to the SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak? Explain, HD164595 star system known to have a planet orbiting a star, far too close, is not conducive to the formation and continuance of life. In addition, it is estimated by the intensity of the radio signal, if the signal source in all directions, per unit time required for hundreds of times all the sun received power over the earth; if the earth orientation emission, the power required with all human energy consumption at the same level. Shostak said that the Russian astronomers to detect 39 times, only received a signal, there are a variety of explanations, including ground signal interference. And they did not immediately notify peers, lost the opportunity to verify the source and eliminate the possibility of interference in the initial stage. SETI Research Institute chief researcher Frank Marchis? Also raised a number of questions, including the signal without repetition and RATAN-600 radio telescope is susceptible to interference of ground signal source. He believes that the signal from an alien civilization needs 3 steps: confirmed other sites in the world at least a radio telescope must detect the same signal, the signal analysis must exclude it from human activities, with some signal to repeat the content information. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: