The labor market in the United States in August the poor performance analysis said the rate hike is not ripe – released Beijing News Agency in Washington on 2 September, 2, the U.S. Department of labor data show that in August the U.S. non farm sector added jobs for the number 151 thousand, more than 100 thousand less than the previous month. The unemployment rate was unchanged from the previous month, still 4.9%. Data show that in August, the United States new jobs mainly concentrated in the catering, finance, medical, technical services and social assistance areas, mining, manufacturing and construction jobs decreased. In August, the number of unemployed people in the United States was still 7 million 800 thousand, and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9% for three consecutive months. The US Department of labor also revised the number of new jobs in June and July this year, 2. After correction, the two numbers were 271 thousand and 275 thousand respectively. The US Department of labor released the first weekly jobless claims report on 1 march. The report showed that in the week ending August 27th, the number of jobless claims for the first time in the United States was 263 thousand, slightly higher than before. U.S. media generally believe that the United States in August the employment market performance is less than expected, which will directly affect the Fed’s interest rate hike decision. Some economists believe that if the number of new jobs in August more than 200 thousand, the Federal Reserve may consider raising interest rates in the near future. But it turns out that the timing is not yet ripe. A survey conducted by Reuters shows that only 27% of the insiders believe that the Fed may raise interest rates this month after the employment data released in August, and 57.7% of the respondents believe that the Fed may increase interest rates in December this year. (end)

美国8月就业市场表现不佳 分析称加息时机不成熟-中新网   中新社华盛顿9月2日电 美国劳工部2日公布的数据显示,8月份美国非农部门新增就业岗位数量为15.1万个,比前一月减少逾10万个。失业率与前一月持平,仍为4.9%。   数据显示,8月份美国新增就业岗位主要集中在餐饮、金融、医疗、技术服务业以及社会援助领域,采矿业、制造业和建筑业的就业岗位数量减少。8月份美国失业人口仍为780万人,失业率连续三个月维持在4.9%。   美国劳工部2日还对今年6月和7月的新增就业岗位数量进行了修正。修正后,两项数字分别为27.1万和27.5万。   本月1日,美国劳工部公布了美国首次申请失业救济人数的周报。报告显示,在截至8月27日的一周,美国首次申请失业救济人数为26.3万,较此前略有上升。   美国媒体普遍认为,美国8月份就业市场表现不及预期,这将直接影响到美联储的加息决定。有经济学家认为,如果8月份的新增就业岗位超过20万个,美联储可能会考虑在近期加息。但事实证明,目前的时机尚不成熟。   路透社进行的一项调查显示,在8月份的就业数据公布后,仅有27%的业内人士认为美联储可能在本月加息,57.7%的受访者认为美联储可能在今年12月加息。(完)相关的主题文章: