The desire to develop the use of drones "international standard" France Russia did not sign the declaration data figure: U. s.military unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft Reference News Network October 7 Reuters reported in October 5th reported that the United States and more than and 40 other countries issued a statement today, formulated according to the said specification can be used to manage the export and use of armed drones behavior, to ensure that these Drones will not cause unrest, or encourage terrorism and organized crime. Many of the United States, Britain, Germany and Australia have signed the statement issued by the u.s.. France, Israel, Brazil, Russia and China and other countries have not signed a joint statement on the use of the armed forces of the export and subsequent attack uav. The statement said: "due to the awareness of errors or armed attack UAV could lead to conflict and turmoil, promotes terrorism and organized crime, the international community must take appropriate and transparent measures, so as to ensure a responsible attitude towards exports and subsequent use of these systems." The statement said that the international law relating to armed conflict and human rights should be applicable to the use of armed drones, and UAV exports should also be compatible with existing arms export control and non-proliferation multilateral mechanisms. The United States often uses drones to combat Islamic state organization, Al Qaeda and armed groups in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries. The goal of the U.S. drone has been far beyond the fight against a specific target, which has now become part of the war machine that Washington has launched every day. Data released by the U. S. air force show that the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in Afghanistan last year, more than conventional weapons, and this proportion is rising. According to Kyodo News reported on October 5th, the United States, Japan and other more than and 40 countries today called for the development of international standards for the transfer of armed drones or potentially offensive UAV and subsequent use of matters to regulate. From the joint declaration of the 45 countries, countries worry about the abuse of such an opportunity to cause conflicts and riots, terrorism and organized crime. The statement said: "the international community must take appropriate transparency measures to ensure a responsible attitude to the export and subsequent use of these equipment." The United States is the development and deployment of the main national military UAV, the Americans want to ensure that the UAV technology to countries attitude sales, transfer and use of responsibility is rapidly growing in popularity, especially in emerging economies such as the promotion of the technology China. However, the initiative led by the United States does not include China and russia. U.S. State Department spokesman Mark · he said at a news conference: "this statement is a signatory to the political commitment, highlighting that the UAV should be bound by international law is increasingly becoming an international consensus, stressed the need to maintain export transparency." He said, the statement also represents "(the international community) toward the UAV transfer and subsequent use of comprehensive matters set out in the direction of international standards are an important first step". According to the U.S. State Department, the joint statement will be the basis for more detailed international standards to restrict the export of armed drones or potentially offensive UAV and subsequent use.相关的主题文章: