The University of Cambridge study shows that breakfast and Breakfast slimming pure fruit — food channel — original title: slimming breakfast = pure fruit breakfast is recently popular breakfast slimming, many young women to keep slim often do not eat regular breakfast, with banana or apple slices little carbohydrate containing fruit to replace breakfast. This is particularly common among young women in Europe and the United states. Not long ago, the University of Cambridge in the UK, a food chemistry researcher Professor Ji Furui Dali? Said in the local media, bananas and other fruits to replace a regular breakfast not desirable. He explained that while it was possible for young women to eat two bananas in the morning, they were full of a sense of fullness in the morning, but later in the morning. This is because the average with 25% banana pulp sugar is mainly fructose, it is a kind of levoglucose in, in the digestive tract can be transformed into dextrose. In addition, bananas are also rich in acidic chemicals, these substances into the digestive tract can be quickly absorbed into the blood circulation, and ultimately to the brain and produce a hypnotic effect". So, for those who are eager to stay slim, what kind of breakfast is nutritious and contains a lot of calories, but also fill the stomach? Professor Daly recommended a specially designed for women slimming breakfast". The contents are as follows: 5 to 6 pieces of banana (less than half), blackberry (black raspberry) 4 ~ 5 eggs, fried egg, almond yogurt 150 ~ 200 ml. He believes that such a breakfast is not only rich in nutrients, can make people feel hungry throughout the morning, more importantly, often eat this breakfast will never make people fat. (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: