"The wizard" to determine the introduction of China mainland ugly adorable love to kill partner – Sohu entertainment "magic hair Wizard" poster "Magic Wizard" character stills Sohu entertainment American DreamWorks Animation produced 3D animation masterpiece "the wizard" to determine the introduction of China, and released the latest stills. From the film "Shrek", "Madagascar" production team effort to build the voice cast included "Jia boss Justin – Timblerlake, Anna – Kendrick two big star, more Dan Scheer, Gwen Zoe Stephen, Minnie Kristen, Laura – Kunming Guinea – Baranski, Russell – Brand, Christof – – Metz Placer, James and other stars to help out English Kedeng dubbing, strong exciting. The film tells the story of the lovely magic elves and their natural enemies "Bo chew family" against adventure, cold unsocial bran and warm and cheerful Princess Bobbi made out of tune with the rescue squad, together friends fantasy adventure story. As DreamWorks set before the essence of many and the effort to build a new Carnival masterpiece, the film covers the comedy, adventure, fantasy, music and other elements, concerned by the majority of the audience. Ugly adorable partner love to kill soundtrack list PA film story happened is princess Bobbi (Anna Kendrick dubbing) happy life magic elf village. All the elves live a happy life full of love and song, and love each other. But Brian (Justin Timblerlake dubbing) is an exception, he is a self repression with nature, absolute survivalist, always worried about the elves predators "Bo chew family" (a kind of magic elf will only eat happy pessimistic one day will come back again, the villain) threat to their survival. Unfortunately, Brent fears came true. But when Princess Bobbi’s friends were eating away after the Bo family, but Brent still stand together with her friends to rescue. "The wizard" voice cast assembled "Jia boss Justin – Timblerlake, Anna – Kendrick and other big stars," Jia boss "will not only the movie lead vocals, but also the film soundtrack producer, producer of the song, 4 songs including 15 song soundtrack, including" Can’t Stop The Feeling "was released it occupied the major music charts, remake of the classic song" True Colors "is set off a retro boom. "Schreck" is the first original cast to create a classic toy screen "Magic Wizard" by the popular animated film "Schreck" monster team meticulously, Mike Michel ("Schreck 4" monster director) directed by Walter dawn ("monster Schreck 2" screenwriter) joint directed by Gina ("Schreck 4" monster summer) producer, following the "Schreck" image of great success, they will again ugly adorable character on the big screen.相关的主题文章: