The woman saw her ex husband and sister with her ex husband Josh and burn their houses to the original title: her ex husband and sister caught "affectionate" Panzhihua woman with her ex husband and burned the house of Sichuan online news (reporter Wang Daiqiang) the woman caught her ex husband and his pro sister, is "affectionate" two people "improper relationship between men and women? Under the anger, the woman first add to her ex husband sticks, and then the ex husband Housing lit. Reporters learned from the Panzhihua Municipal Public Security Bureau in September 9th, at present, arson woman has been under criminal detention by the police. Two people caught "affectionate" heart leaps anger in August 16th, who lives in the village to branch group Boyd town Mengliang Ping Village Renhe district under the yang to her ex husband Xiemou home to help buy a pea. My elder sister also happened to be in, and is with her ex husband for dinner, in order to avoid embarrassment after the meeting, Yang decided to go home and sit near the third sister, ready to leave its sister from her ex husband and then go home. Who knows, stay at home for more than an hour after the third sister Yang once again came to her ex husband Xiemou home, they found her ex husband and sister laugh, and then two people embrace together. Although Yang and her ex husband divorced for four years, but saw his ex husband and sister together was so close, Yang suddenly agitated, the heart is lit the flame steaming. According to Yang said that as early as a year ago, she heard that two people exchanges, but she also had the matter and asked her husband, after all, if this is true, Yang felt sure of himself and his family’s reputation caused great influence. To this end, the two had repeatedly quarrel, and even move the hands and feet. And in front of two people laughing cuddle the scene then lit by Yang heart anger, she from her ex husband eaves picked up a stick to hit her ex husband, and its sister tried to mediate in the middle. That is his sister, also afraid of action is too big to let other people know, Yang only temporarily let it leave its sister, then into her ex husband in bed sulking. Know what her husband has been in the next Xiemou scolded her for nearly two hours, said she called Yang nosy, and will not spread out what happened today. The fire burned houses, criminal detention by the police heard of her ex husband so that Yang is more and more gas, originally in the heart of the backlog of anger could not be repressed, and went to the kitchen to find lighter bedding, but two points is one side of the water to put out the ex husband. Not anger Yang gas filling, her ex husband will Xiemou out of the room and locked the door from the inside again ignited bedding. Later, when the police asked Yang considered torched people housing consequences, Yang said, although the house is her ex husband and former home, but after his divorce in addition to ten bags of corn and some household appliances what are not, he is from the family moved out, simply a the torches burned the house. According to Yang recalled, when she put the quilt lit eyes as if saw a fire inside his sister and her ex husband together and hugged the picture, then appeared the picture to burn. Because the house is a civil structure, under the roof相关的主题文章: