This Shanghai traffic is expected to exceed 400 thousand units 4, 5, 6 days to return peak reporters from the city traffic police department learned that the National Day holiday travel as far as possible to avoid the congestion of G40 nodes, at the same time, Disney, the international tourism resort will usher in a daily average of 130 thousand large passenger flow. From the Shanghai highway congestion outburst according to the traffic police department, according to the 2014 and 2015 public travel situation, in addition to the holiday effect, influence, visiting relatives and friends and all kinds of activities and other factors during the national day, the highway traffic flow is expected to total more than in previous years, will be higher than the trend, and mainly small passenger car based, accounting for about 85% of the total flow to 90%. In September 30 Shanghai sunrise traffic will rise by 40% this year compared with the average daily number, reaching more than 400 thousand motorcycles; the next day, the first holiday (October 1, 2 days) traffic travel is more concentrated. It is reported that the main highway from Shanghai G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Jiangqiao toll gate, G40 East toll gate and G50 Zhao Lane exit, G50 Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed toll gate, Xu Jing G60 Shanghai Kunming high-speed bridge toll gate and Wuzhou Avenue Road congestion may be more prominent; the return from the previous situation, is expected in October, 5, 4 6 days will gradually return peak occurs in October 7th return passenger flow will be gradually stabilized. Then, G40, G2, G60 Shanghai and Shaanxi Beijing Shanghai Kunming Shanghai G50, Shanghai and Chongqing, G15 Shen sea highway into the city section and G1501 Beltway local road traffic will reach more than 8 vehicles, especially G40 row product, high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi, the return period once the Jiangsu traffic police department in the G15 of Sutong bridge to implement G40 diversion measures, G40 will lead to the Yangtze River Tunnel of Chongqi bridge into the city section of the red jam. Unlike in previous years, this year’s national day during the construction of the city without highway sections, so the speed of the road network capacity has improved over the previous year. Resort is expected to receive 130 thousand Disney factors, according to statistics, the international tourism resort this year 51 small holiday average daily number of visitors reached more than 10 people (including the number of Disney Park in 25 thousand, the average daily visitors) on June 16th officially opened today, Disney Park, the average number of daily visitors at around 50 thousand. During the National Day this year, the resort will be held in Shen Di ecological park Budweiser storm syllable, the normal flow of traffic in the resort area will bring some impact. According to the current operation of the international tourism resort, is expected during the National Day vacation area average daily number of visitors will reach about 130 thousand, the Disney park will receive about 60 thousand visitors daily, then traffic will significantly increase the peak period of opening and closing the park will have a certain impact on the resort area surrounding the main roads and highways and city expressway. In view of the above situation, the traffic police department has to resort on large passenger flow, the relevant program requirements, combined with the actual formulation of the resort, 9 sets of "one point one plan", and strive to ensure that during the holiday resort area surrounding roads traffic smooth and orderly. Remote path bypass two blocking point after the National Day every year, two block most "hot" is a loop into G2 by the Beijing Shanghai high-speed Wan Town Road, two by Xiangyin road tunnel through East toll gate to Chongming direction. According to these two points相关的主题文章: