This winter heating energy on time — — original title: winter heating time can do within the district heating renovation project difficult, forced to shut down. Photo by Xiao Lei in the past eleven holiday, not only not a festive feel eight residential villas, the atmosphere was a little nervous: heating reconstruction project team has entered the residential construction, but because of the original heating company sent to the completion of the project, was forced to stop. Owners are worried: "this winter can also be heating on time?" The old and new heating party disputes the villa area construction difficult October 8th, reporters came to the Eight Immortals villa. The district is located in Changping District Beiqijia calm Si Road on the south side, the last century is developed at the beginning of the 90s, a total of more than and 500 villas. Reporters on the scene saw from the eight immortals villa area stadium to the boiler room of the road is a mess. This piece of 100 meters long road community road was opened, gravel soil accumulation in the next, because two days before the rain and muddy. In a villa, 35 excavators, forklifts and trucks parked askew has slotted ditch. The owner told reporters: "some of the vehicles are here to block the trouble, they put the construction machinery in the inside, can not move." Living next to the owners of the road can be bad, can not go out the front door, only from the back door around." According to reports, since the end of September residential construction heating reconstruction project after they came from. The first is from some vehicles parked in the road construction, or just rolling in the heating well cover, then some foreign workers, or just sitting or lying in the construction machinery, so the project can not go further. The construction side has no plans to build another site, heat exchange station, but was unable to block construction. The aging pipe network heating is not up to the owners to introduce municipal heating with heating, the eight immortals villa owners a stomach grievances. According to reports, the district was originally designed for residential heating in winter independent heating, owners of centralized heating mode. Previously run by the developers of coal-fired boilers for district heating. 2009 small coal gas after heating, developers will be subcontracted to a Swiss Jingyuan heating company. However, due to the district heating pipe network has been running for more than 20 years, the aging of the pipeline heating effect is not ideal. On the other hand, due to the owners of wanton expansion, the actual area of the eight immortals villa from the original plan of more than 150 thousand square meters expanded to more than 200 thousand square meters, heating area to extend the heating effect weakened further. 2012 winter area long time large area heating shortage, resulting in many home owners only twelve or thirteen degrees Celsius temperature, some old children had to move to other places. However, heating companies adhere to the owners to pay full heating costs, resulting in strong dissatisfaction with the owners, resulting in more than 200 owners to suspend the payment of heating costs. In order to improve the heating situation, the owners have been trying to find a way. In 2014 in Changping District city of the future of technology of Beijing Beijing ThermoElectron Corporation production, which means that the surrounding areas have the conditions to realize municipal heating. From Beijing to the company not only heating sufficient heat, heat stable, and more safe and reliable, but also)相关的主题文章: