Travel-and-Leisure Tamil Nadu is prominent for its exotic wildlife species that are scattered in every corner of the state. Some of the major wildlife species are flora, fauna, avian- fauna, reptiles, insects, mammals etc. All such endangered wildlife species might be found in famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Below, we will provide you some renowned parks and sanctuaries in brief. Tamil Nadu attracts a large number of travelers round the year. If you are nature and wildlife lovers then you can .e here and search so many rare and endangered wildlife species which are dotted in every park and sanctuary of the state. Some of the popular national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are Guindy national park, Anna Zoological park, Anamalai wildlife sanctuary and so on. Now, we will talk about top 3 national parks in Tamilnadu in brief: Guindy National Park Situated: Mambalam, Guindy taluk in Chennai Visiting season: Throughout the year Getting there: Air: 8 km from Chennai Airport. Rail: Nearest railway station is Guindy station around 1 km. Chennai Central Station is 12 km away and 9 km from Chennai Egmore. Guindy national park is the finest wildlife spot for all the nature lovers. Here, you can explore different species like: Species of Flora: Sugar-Apple, Wood-Apple, Neem, Atlantia Monophylla, Herbs, Grasses. Species of Fauna: Hedgehog, Spotted Deer, Blackbuck, Jackal, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Pangolin, .mon Mongoose, Bon. Macaque, Three-Striped Palm Squirrel. Species of Avian: Parrot, Eagle, Woodpecker, Koel, Minivet, Honey Buzzard, Tailorbird, Blue-Faced Malkoha, Yellow-Wattled Lapwing, Paradise-Flycatcher, Stone Curlew, Golden-Backed Woodpecker, Black-Winged Kite, Teals, Pond Herons, Red-Wattled Lapwing, Crow Pheasant. Anna Zoological Park Situated: Vandalur, Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu Visiting season: Throughout the year Getting there: Air: 15 km from Meenambakkam Airport. Rail: The nearest station is Vandalur, around 1 km and another one approx. 6 km from Tambaram Railway Station. Anna Zoological park is the superb wildlife spot for all the for wildlife aficionados. Here, you could find various wildlife species such as: Species of Flora: Carissa, Bamboo, Acacia Nilotica, Gmelina, Eugenia Species of Fauna: Baboon, Barking Deer, Sambar, Wolf, Tiger, Panther, Jackal, Hog Deer, Lion, Giraffe, Camel, Elephant, Nilgiri Langur, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Hyena, Otter, Llama, European Brown Bear, Bengal Tiger. Species of Avian: Kingfisher, Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Muscovy Duck, White-Browed Bulbul, Painted Stork, Koel, Peacocks, Alexandrine Parakeet, Blue Rock Pigeon, Red-Whiskered Bulbul. Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary Situated Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu Visiting season: From May to January Getting there: Air: Nearest airport is at Coimbatore, about 75 km. Rail: Nearest railway station is at Pollachi, around 35 km. Anamalai wildlife sanctuary is also known as Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is the thrilling wildlife place for all the globe trotters. Here, you may search a number of wildlife species which are enumerated below: Species of Flora: Rhododendron, Dalbergia, Teak, Venteak, Acacias, Hopea, Terminalia, Malabaricum. Species of Fauna: Bengal Tiger, Flying Squirrel, Jackal, Pangolin, Civet Cat, Elephant, Gaur, Tiger, Panther, Wild Bear, Porcupine, Muntjac, Sloth Bear, Nilgiris Tahr, Tabby Cat. Species of Avian: Black Headed Oriole, Spotted Dove, Pigeon, Rocket-Tailed Drongo, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Tree Pie, Kites, Owls, Hornbills, Jungle Fowl, Barbets, India Peafowl, Woodpeckers, Fish Eagle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: