Under the food delicious, braised pork with preserved vegetable – Sohu and eat small meat again! In our childhood, home only in the Chinese New Year holidays when mom will do the dishes, but do not eat fat small never eat this. Later, occasionally eat a word, mom, giant delicious! That is the entrance, not greasy, sweet and soft waxy, and inside the plum dried vegetables, super rice, so we learned today! Braised pork with preserved vegetable ingredients: pork 1KG, pickled vegetable seasoning: 80G star anise 1, cinnamon 1, geraniol 1, 2 tablespoon soy sauce, 1.5 tablespoons of Huadiao Medium Sweet, white sugar 2.5 tablespoons of braised pork with preserved vegetable is 1 Wash pork, blanch till (with chopsticks to pierce blood without water) remove and drain. Put aside to allow the surface slightly dry some (some would in this step with soy sauce color, I personally feel that there is no need to) 2 wide pot of hot oil, the pork skin down into the pan when the oil temperature to emerge into the meat of the bulla as the 3 cover (this is to prevent oil fried until golden brown) to burst bubbles then flip fry for a while, to the extent of color around 4 remove and Lek oil. This is a lot of epidermal features, vesicles 5 the fried pork cut about 6mm thick sheet (when the heat is difficult to cut flat, if after the time of cold will be well cut) 6 cut meat skin part down, code in a bowl in position on the spare plug star anise 1, cinnamon 1 and geraniol 1 evenly sprinkle soy sauce 2 tablespoons, 1.5 tablespoon sugar and Huadiao Medium Sweet (1.5 tablespoons soy sauce and pickled vegetable is very salty so I don’t put salt, if not salty enough you can add salt) 7 plum dried vegetables with water rinse, add the remaining 1 soup spoon sugar mix, good meat shop in the code above (do not wash too long not long time soaking, so no smell) and 8 in the final result is to put the meat, pickled vegetable all covered (pictured) but because I used to write One version of non fried braised pork with preserved vegetable is often asked "only steamed plum dried vegetables, meat." so put a step 7 map is in order to show the following is a meat pickled vegetable! The two were steaming together! Ordinary steamer small fire slowly steamed for 3 hours, or high pressure steam 1-1.5 hours after the 9 steamed upside down in a bowl or Shen Panzhong 10 upside down out of the way ~ ~ this is done directly deducted out the effect, no 11 if you want to thicken the soup thicken, pour in step 9 buckle before the bowl of soup soup out of the decanter decanter out separate skillet boil, fire close juice to thicken or add cornstarch water thicken. Simple and delicious braised pork with preserved vegetable, a meal! Come and make one!相关的主题文章: