UnCategorized There are probably thousands of articles available for advice about how to make money blogging. Something that can be more valuable than a to-do list, though, is a list about what not to do. Common mistakes and writing blunders can cost opportunities that one will never get back. That’s why learning what not to do can be the most useful tool for anyone who wants to get paid to blog. So what are some things that should be avoided in professional blogging? The first warning comes with skipping out on proof reading. One should never opt out of a proof read after everything has been finalized. After working on a piece for so long, the words tend to blend together in a blur. Those who don’t take the time to step back and look it over one last time will end up with silly mistakes that could cost them their next writing gig. Another do not in the world of writing is ignoring directions. A writer who cannot follow directions pertaining to the tone and style of writing is one that will not keep an employer for long. Those who choose not to follow directions that are given will be given directions to the door, so-to-speak. Of course, something else every writer should never do is to forget the point of their piece. It may be to promote a product or service. It may be to promote an idea or an opinion. Whatever the purpose is to the information that is being written, one should never forget their client’s end-goal in mind. If a writer cannot figure out how to please their client and get their client to their end-goal, that writer will never make money blogging. Missing a deadline is another serious problem to avoid. Deadlines are given for a reason. Missing it shows a lack of respect and a degree of unprofessionalism which can lead to unemployment very quickly. One of the most important things a writer must be able to do is to hit a deadline. Lastly, the absolute worst sin to commit as a writer is to copy someone else’s words. This is inexcusable and will only lead to a dead-end. Plagiarism is always found out at one point or another. It could end a writer’s career very quickly and should be avoided at all costs. Those who heed these tips will likely end up making their way to get paid to blog sooner rather than later. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: