Think fast thin women should take advantage of the so-called physiological period of physiological period lose weight lose weight, is the use of physiological cycle will be divided into four stages respectively is thin, menstruation 1-7 days called slimming welfare after menstruation period, called 7-14 days after menstruation period, speeding slimming day 14-21 called slimming pin5 period. What is the physiological period to lose weight? What is the principle? Physiological period refers to the development of mature women have a monthly menstrual period, that is, menstrual period. A very special time is the female physiology, some experts found that the female hormone in menstrual period fluctuated greatly, can affect fat burning, and then in the last 2 days of menstruation and menstruation after a week known as "slimming benefits", and many of our ability to break down body fat during this period of time the higher than usual. In the weight loss period, this time, you can slow down the diet plan, more iron and fiber rich foods, such as spinach, fish, grapes, and with the ease of movement. The period after the end of the "speeding period" and "pin5 period", is the most appropriate time to lose weight; as for the period before the "slow", can increase the amount of exercise to prepare for the next period weight-loss plan. Each period of blood eduction quantity about 80CC, but during the menstrual period, many women because of physical weakness, often with added strength as an excuse, and comfort yourself this time how to eat also is not afraid of fat, automatically become a "chocolate ban". In fact, not to eat high calorie things will be fat, there is no so-called lifting period. How to use physiological period to lose weight? Physiological weight loss by 1, physical detention period weight loss method: after the beginning of the menstrual period of first to 7 days of this stage of the proposed exercise time is 3 to 5 hours per week. Don’t try to diet at this stage or super weight loss exercise, but be aimed at "shaping". Early menstruation is also a good time to build a healthy body, and excessive dieting can easily lead to dehydration but can not be reduced fat. You can choose a gentle hand movement, such as Simplified Tai Chi, Pilates, etc.. If you still feel irritable before hand movement, slow walk, jogging, skating is helpful. Diet eat sour foods, such as cabbage, plum, plum, lemon, Mei Zi. Body and face will have a slight edema, so do not eat too salty food. Eat more foods containing magnesium, B vitamins, such as bananas, animal liver, etc., can make metabolism better. Drink plenty of water to supplement the body’s lack of water. 2, physiological peak weight loss method: menstruation after seventh to 14 days of exercise frequency as far as possible to keep in the day or the next day for 2 hours, at least every week to maintain more than 7 hours of exercise. The most effective way to lose weight exercise than a personal trainer to help you develop a slimming exercise program, let him know your menstrual cycle, he will let you reach the ideal state of motion and weight goals during this time. Running, swimming, cycling is particularly easy to heat, especially for people who want to lose weight..相关的主题文章: