The relocation of the headquarters of Warner Music in early 2018 will be moved to Losangeles city center [Abstract] Warner Music for more than 40 years in the Warner Brothers headquarters has been a landmark like a ski Chalet, but the lease will expire at the end of 2017. The new building "Warner Music Group Hollywood report" Chinese station reported on October 7th (author: Peter Kiefer, Shirley Halperin) Warner Music Group (Warner Music Group) will be officially on the West Coast headquarters, from Burbank moved to downtown Losangeles, "bulletin board" has confirmed the news. In October 7th a memo to all employees, Warner Music Group CEO Stephen · Cooper (Stephen Cooper), announced the relocation of the headquarters is located at Seventh Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue to the Losangeles Ford Factory Art District news, the relocation will be carried out in early 2018. "When looking for a new office, we consider a number of factors, including size, location and traffic." "But the most important thing is that we want to find an exciting place to promote our unique corporate culture while promoting cross sectoral cooperation," Cooper wrote in the memo. Ford factory is a registered in the list of national historic landmarks, we moved into this building will be given a new life dramatically, while maintaining its architectural characteristics at the same time, can also be thoroughly into the twenty-first Century." In 1914, Ford factory is a registered historic building, the building developer Shorenstein Properties acquisition price of $37 million was in 2014, the height of 5 floors, with an area of 250 thousand square feet. Warner Music Group will lease the entire building, including the recording studio, performance area, retail area and outdoor space, but in addition to Warner Music and publishing company Warner Chappell, other departments of Warner Music Group does not determine whether will move here. Owns the green band (Green Day), Mike · (Michael Buble); Bray, Jason · Derulo (Jason Derulo) and the red hot chili peppers (the Red Hot Chili Peppers) Warner Music Artists, more than 40 years in the Warner Brothers headquarters has been a landmark in the similar ski lodge. However, the lease will expire at the end of 2017. Stephen · Cooper also pointed out in the memorandum, Losangeles art district is one of the "art, fashion and food industry" new emerging area, attracting a large number of enterprises, entrepreneurs and creative people. "The building was originally a production factory for T cars, and now it will become one of the world’s largest music and entertainment brands, which will dramatically change the landscape of the art district and downtown Losangeles." On behalf of Shorenst相关的主题文章: