Health Paying attention to diet is essential for our health. If you are serious about it you will be careful to include the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats (Omega 3) in your diet. By keeping with right diet you help your muscles and bones remain strong and vital organs funcition as Swiss clock. Our brain is no different, so in order to keep it functioning properly you have to supply it with the right nutrients. Eating food rich with the right brain nutrients can help you jog your memory, remove brain fog and help your brain function as it was functioning 10-15 years ago. When you think about it is logical that the brain, as the most important part of our bodies needs the best nutrients in order to function properly. In the recent years several extensive studies have proven the connection between certain vitamins and minerals and proper brain functioning. Sugar for example, provides temporary quick stimulant but fades very soon after that (hour or two), and what is more when sugar rush fades we often feel even more tired and sluggish then before. Our brain works the same, if you were to feed it only with candy bars you would not get much mileage from it, and you would experience often crashes. Eating right is very important if you wish to improve your memory. Antioxidants rich foods have proven beneficial effect on memory improvement and they have long been hailed as the #1 cancer fighters in our bodies as well as essential for hart health. Besides these two very important functions, we now know that they are also essential for your long-term memory improvement and it would be wise of you to make sure you include them in every meal. Carrots and nuts, are just a few foods rich in antioxidants, naturally you can also take supplements. In addition, a Green tea is great antioxidants source, and is very beneficial for your overall body health. Soy is another of the memory boosting natures little gifts. Eating Tofu regularly can help your memory and brain functions improve, or if you do not like Tofu, you can always drink soy milk. You can drink soy milk just as regular milk, or .bine it to ad a bit more flavor to it, use your imagination, make milk shakes, chocolate soy milk, whatever you like. Soy milk is also easy to buy, you can find it in everywhere. Most of us use some kind of cooking oil or fat to prepare our meals. Well why not use the one that can improve memory. Olive oil is the #1 choice in this matter, and it would help your brain immensely if you were to include it in your regular diet. Use it for salad dressing or for regular cooking, but try to store it in cool and dark place, do not expose it to the light when you are not using it. Also try to ad it at the end of your meal preparation, for example ad it to spaghetti when you already drain them and place them in a bowl, or use a non-stick frying pan to cook meat and ad a bit of olive oil when it is already finished. In addition, one final tip, if you can, try to find olive oil made in Croatia. Croatian olive oil is of exceptional quality and is still produced in the old, traditional, non-industrial way. By adjusting your diet in order to improve memory, you will help your brain as well as your body. There is no need for large changes, the only thing you need to do is just substitute bad with good foods and that is it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: