Arts-and-Entertainment What To Do With Criminaliade In Brazil I am numb to the crime in Brazil. From north to south, without any exception of the least populous states, the crime is recorded even in small towns with populations of the northeast known as calm, humble and religious, .mon in families in small towns away from large urban centers. that make these cities, known traditionally Catholic, calm and respectful. The month of May this year was marked with an alarming number of crimes that happened across the country from the far south to far north, crossing the northeast and central Brazil The Brazilians make the impossible to protect themselves and protect their families for fear of being mugged for the second time in the same month, known among others, a lawyer who lives in the state of Bahia, Olvia Librio, pays 15% of their salary to a particular security to protect yourself while traveling on the streets of Salvador, the main city of Bahia state. She told the local press: "I feel panic when entering the streets of Salvador to work" The administrator of a building in the city of Belo Horizonte installed internal system of video cameras. The bandits broke the circuit security and assault the building. After this assault, the residents had more security in their apartiments, they built electric fences in the condo, put two more trained security guards and placed three more cameras. Not to mention the large cities of the south of the our Brazil, on 1 May this year was marked by a disproportionate number of crimes in Ceara, northeastern state, only in the capital city Fortaleza, 41 violent deaths were recorded, of which 19 were killed with armor and 01 was killed with the use of knife. In cities that are smaller, located within the state of Ceara, added 12 more manslaughter. Were fifty crimes on 1 May for a population of 8,185,286 inhabitants, according to IBGE, Institute of Geography and Statistics. Whereas the incidence of crime throughout the Brazilian territory proved by statistical records, it is known that the rate of crime in Brazil increased substantially in recent years. The lack of security for the country has be.e a serious problem that the Brazilian authorities must take urgent action to ensure that the population can live with more tranquility. Was supported by Brazilian study carried out by .an, – Controller General of the Union, of which three real that the Federal Government intended to Brazilian cities, only one is applied to real security and other benefits for the population. The remaining two thirds is diverted to satisfy personal interests in municipal governments. This fact is known by the media that make this finding because the accusations of bribery, free parties, and appropriation of funds are frightening in number and have dominated the news in Brazil. Brazil has not yet sufficiently .anized to deal with .anized crime most faculties of law does not prepare a lawyer’s time to deal with sophisticated crime and all teachers do not teach this stuff in class, because it is not part of the curriculum for the teaching of college. We see clearly that there is no interest from the Brazilian government and the majority of parliamentarians to encourage the development of research on white-collar crime, because there is no .anized crime in Brazil without the involvement of public officials. The proof of this are the investigations made by CPIs promoted by parliamentarians who always end in pizza covered with cheese, ham and very thin sauce Italian, and these supposed defenders of the white-collar crime close to their party political agreements leading to success for their campaigns in new applications. Nearly twenty percent of the population, economically active, are unemployed. It is a high number, no doubt, but could be much worse. Could be two, three or even four to five in each activity of paid work. Twenty percent of unemployment is very, and it is bad, but the unemployment of this magnitude can still be supported. However the fear of those who are unemployed pressing down wages, violently. It is easier for employers to hire and dismiss someone other similar capacity, with lower pay. Thus, wages are getting lower. The life of the Brazilian getting more precarious and difficult, the more angry feelings. So this will increase the violence and crime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: