Hardware If you are looking to purchase a new Apple product I wouldnt recommend you going automatically to your to your local Apple Store. Even so the Apple Store is the most convenient establishment to buy Apple products, they have very knowledgeable personnel that offers great customer service but they dont always carry the best prices. But if convenience and customer service is more important for you then saving money, then by all means go to the Apple store. But if you are trying to find the best deals on Apple products then there are much better places to look for them. For college students and professionals within an educational system there are educational discount offered by the Apple Store locations and online. Another way to go about buying a very good Apple product at a great price is buying a refurbished item, the Apple store offers these items at a discounted price as much $200 off items like a Macbook. Apple updates their refurbished section very often so if you are looking for something specific I would just check the website everyday. But there are some draw backs, refurbished means its older then the other items meaning there is a higher possibility of an imperfections, so its at your own risk. But Apple computers have a good track record of lasting longer than the typical PC. So you shouldnt panic about buying a refurbished machine because Apple has a good track record. But if you are considering getting a new machine, there are all kinds of better online stores to purchase it. Two places for great deals are AppleStoreDiscount.com and Amazon.com. I have found that these two places have the best prices on all types of Apple products. In my research I have found that the best deals for Apple products can be found at AppleStoreDiscount.com. They actually look through many websites and list all the best deals for you. Other good sites that offer great deals are Mac Mall and Ebay. Mac Mall in particular has very good mail in rebates on extra items with your purchase, like speakers, printers or software, etc with your order. And if you buy a new Mac, even from one of these other dealers, you can still add AppleCare (warranty) anytime within a year of purchasing. I highly recommend this warranty. I have mention many websites where you can purchase great deals on the best Apple products, but Im sure there are many more in cyberspace that I have not mentioned, so dont just take my recommended sites as an absolute. But the one site I would say is the surest bet to have the best deals is AppleStoreDiscount.com, I have found that they have the widest range of deals from a variety of different sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: