Business Its not a classic job title like fireman, president or teacher. Exactly who an iPhone app developer, and what makes the job attractive to them? Read below to learn about the personality traits that this job niche demands. Though it may seem otherwise, the job of iPhone app developer is not strictly an analytical undertaking, nor is it .pletely artistic or creative. In fact, the position of developer demands a good bit of each skill set, and the best iPhone app developers are a bit like renaissance men and women. Heres why. Developers must strike a balance between the purely creative and the impressively functional. An iPhone app is basically a transaction between the app user and the app. If the relationship is made too difficult to maintain, the app will quickly be discarded. Thus, an iPhone app developer must temper his desire to be hugely creative in either aesthetics or code and realize that the general public is drawn to an easy-to-use, pleasing looking app. Intricate apps do not survive no matter how beautiful their graphics are, and pretty pictures do not make up for an app that just does not seem to work correctly. Coding mistakes are obvious in apps, and the public does not have the patience for them. Therefore, iPhone app developers must be perfectionists. Even the ones that are more analytical must admit to spell checking, as misspelled words look clumsy and cluttered on an otherwise genius application. Vision is extremely important for the iPhone app developer to possess. Just because one can craft a great app does not mean that the public will embrace it. The app has to serve a need and differentiate itself in the process. The best iPhone app developer knows the current app market and keeps close tabs on it; he or she understands what might be the next big thing and jumps at the opportunity for development when he or she sees it. Finally, the iPhone app developer must take .puter skill and merge it with graphics knowledge. Writing code is not difficult in all situations, but writing great code is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: