Home-Improvement Why Choose Steam Cleaning? There are four basic methods of carpet cleaning: carpet shampooing, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning. The latter is preferred by industry experts as it is the most effective way to remove debris and allergens from the bottom of the carpet. Carpet Shampooing The idea behind shampooing is for the foam to dry in the carpet, attract the soils, and then vacuum up the foam with the debris. A common ingredient in carpet shampoo is sodium lauryl sulphate which is not a strong detergent and leave behind a sticky residue which will encourage resoiling. Carpet shampoos are quite poor cleaners and generally push the dirt deeper into the carpet, and over time will yellow your carpet. Dry Cleaning In this method, a dry detergent is worked into the carpet, and has a similar effect to that of carpet shampoo, with the idea being that the soil will be attracted to, and absorbed by the cleaner. When the carpet is vacuumed, the debris should be removed along with the detergent. The disadvantages to dry cleaning are that extremely thorough vacuuming is required before and after treatment, air quality can be reduced, and white powder can often appear in the future. Bonnet Cleaning A rotating brush drives pads which are soaked in cleaning solution in an attempt to clean carpets, but this is perhaps one of the worst methods of carpet cleaning as it has very limited ability to actually extract any dirt. It often results in re-soiling and distorted fibres of carpet. Steam Cleaning This is the best method for professional carpet cleaning and involves using a high filtration vacuum, a heavy duty pre-spray designed to electromechanically lift dirt and pollutants from carpet, a high pressure hot water extraction machine then breaks up the dirt and uses a triple vacuum to withdraw it and any solutions from the carpet, then finally the carpet is rinsed to prevent re-soiling. If appropriate, your carpet cleaning technicians will groom the carpet using a rake to ensure that it is left in the best condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: