Why must be with the children sleep in separate bedrooms? Sohu (the mother of 1000 words, it takes about 3 minutes of your time to read and understand the importance of children) to the room to sleep, let the child know need to sleep independently positive effects on the growth of children. To conform to the development of children’s independent consciousness began to develop their own independent consciousness in about a year and a half, the children leave their parents in the psychology, seeking independent internal demand. Adults need to do is follow the law of development, to provide children with independent development of specific conditions. It is one of the conditions for the child to sleep alone in his room, in his own bed. If the child does not have time to sleep in the room with the child before the age of two years, the child’s independent consciousness missed its sensitive period". Is conducive to the development of children with child self consciousness of self consciousness is innate, everyone began to seek for self cognition from that day to this world, children need to have "my bed, my pillow, my quilt, this is my bed"…… Through these specific things, let the children feel the "self" of the existence of independent and independent bed room, let young children aware of yourself in this world there are independent "position", which is the foundation of development of children’s self boundaries. Young children from this kind of self-awareness, and gradually get a sense of belonging and security. The child’s sense of security is conducive to the development of children experiencing "independent room bed, the world is still safe, the love of my parents did not change" in the process, children can establish a sense of security is divided into the room to sleep. Is conducive to emotional communication after the couple have children, the mother and the children slept together, dad did not know where to sleep, or a family with a bed, seriously affected the couple emotional communication. Husband and wife sex life can not be carried out in children’s room, which is the most basic rules to be observed. Let the children sleep independently, the husband and wife will have an independent exchange of space and time, is conducive to the healthy development of the couple’s feelings. Every child has a natural instinct for survival, even if he is asleep, he will take control of his life. So the child will feel too hot at night, kicked the quilt, when he felt cold, will be kicked the quilt back on the body. Allow children to sleep independently so that children can maintain such basic viability. To help children out of love mother or father in childhood father Oedipus stage, children will be parents as their object, they will be in the father or the mother body seeking sexual stimulation. Sleep with the children in the room, in the form of the child did not give more opportunities to get sexual stimulation from their parents to help children out of love. Help to help parents out of the love child complex love more common in the mother, the mother of the child as their own emotional sustenance, with the son’s emotional replacement and her husband Ping相关的主题文章: