Yao Zhenhua appeared in Guangdong Congress called on the real economy, the traditional real estate development limited xinhuanet.com news low-key treasure to the head of the Department of Yao Zhenhua appeared today in the third session of the Guangdong business conference, and as business representatives at the forum to speak. Yao Zhenhua first introduced in detail the development process of treasure group, and from the comprehensive property, logistics industry, health care, science and technology incubator and other aspects of the group’s industrial layout. Yao Zhenhua pointed out that the traditional mode of real estate development has been unable to meet the needs of customers diversified and high quality, but only to the government to bring disposable income, the limited role of the physical pull. The Boland estate has been positioned as a "city operators", through to the city complex development, integrated operation and management mode, combining the real estate projects and city development, paying attention to the coordinated development of city and products, is committed to the development of the city to create value, promote the economic development of the city. Today, Baoneng group has been rooted in Guangdong for 24 years, has become a solid support to financial ties to the industry and finance combination of large enterprise groups, business covers comprehensive property development, management, finance, science and Technology Park Comprehensive Logistics Park, people’s livelihood and health sector, the asset size of more than 400 billion yuan, more than 60 thousand employees. More than tens of millions of customers, partners, more than one million. Yao Zhenhua also said that the essence of financial financing, is the core of value discovery and resource allocation, meaning that service entity, entity to reduce operating costs, should form a symbiotic relationship between the virtuous cycle of interaction. The placards Vanke A, Boland department seems to instantly stand in the spotlight. In fact, the treasure Department of capital market on far more than these. Yao Zhenhua said in his speech, insurance funds play the advantages of scale, increase the industry leading company configuration efforts, not the pursuit of short-term speculation two secondary market spreads, become strategic investors, long-term firm cornerstone investors, long-term support of the development of listed companies. He also pointed out that the Qianhai life investment, glass A, torch high, shaonenggufen A shares of listed companies, are engaged in engineering glass and solar glass, food and health care products, new energy and new materials business, is the vanguard of the same industry leading technology, has a national and even global in multiple segments. After the shares of the company in the scope of business, operating efficiency and operating results have been significantly improved, effectively promoting the growth and transformation of the real economy. At the same time, the company also led to a substantial increase in the performance of the Qianhai life has brought a good return on investment, to achieve a positive interaction between finance and industry and the effective integration of industrial resources. The issue of Vanke equity dispute, Yao Zhenhua did not mention. Around the "double", Yao Zhenhua said, the traditional science park is a science and technology enterprise cluster, single function, industrial dispersion, synergy, and new technology incubator is the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate innovative enterprises and promote comprehensive service industry cooperation. Shenzhen Bao Technology Park, a total construction area of 1 million 680 thousand square meters, has enabled two years has more than 5000 office workers, settled more than 300 enterprises. (Xinhua) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (FI).相关的主题文章: