"Yun Zhi" Li Yifeng opened a new force command Li Yifeng Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan Li Yifeng high handsome Sina entertainment news recently, starring Li Yifeng [micro-blog] Xian Xia drama "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" is hit. In the new story, is the magic mountain in wave war, in this fierce beast crisis. Among them, played by Li Yifeng Zhang Xiaofan in the face of danger to the enemy, to rescue his legacy, force value max. Xiao heroic performance is more attracted users a public praise, call "open a new height in xiaofan". Li Yifeng fought the beast in a public enemy rescue division in yesterday’s story, Zhang Xiaofan’s return, the end with the brothers of the same master. Unexpectedly, he was all caused suspicion of evil. In the face of teacher questioning, small difficulties, express their views to deter people leisurely everything in good order and well arranged. In the fight when the magic, the ancient beast world, Qingyun door trapped in a crisis. Who disregard the safety of adventure to rescue, but was forced to pull deep in the body telling method, single handedly successfully resist the beast. When the small hand fire stick and the confrontation of the enemy, he moves smooth and clean one, flexible look increasingly aggressive moves. Zhang Xiaofan adhere to the beginning of the heart is down from magic passers concerns cited since Zhang Xiaofan experienced numerous hardships, always adhere to the beginning of the heart, he was kind of steadfast play compelling character. With the in-depth story, Li Yifeng in the show on the details of the control and increasingly skillful. In the face of "Zong he, the gas field full of the master and be neither humble nor pushy; favours weighty as a mountain when communicating thoughts clear, fast and slow tone shows anti nature of" concerned about the chaos ". At the end of the story yesterday, because is the magic way, Zhang Xiaofan lives hand edge of Baguio, "where the Yao" love feelings whither is also worrying.相关的主题文章: