Zhejiang explore family trust wealth management will be rich three generations of sina key fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing, September (Xinhua) 30 in recent years, the rich family caught in the news of the property disputes are common, the star family property dispute case, the entrepreneur is the case of high price divorce attracted attention. How to maintain, manage and inherit the family wealth? How to keep, pass for a long time? Has become a high net worth population must face and solve problems. The day before, for the further study of family, personal wealth inheritance and how to preserve and increase the value of. By CITIC Trust and "Zhejiang" magazine in Hangzhou jointly held the theme of "wealth and family escort evolution" 2016 Zhejiang wealth management conference". "Chairman of the National Council of Zhejiang Zhejiang" magazine, Zhu Renhua, CITIC Trust market director Cheng Hong, CITIC Trust Market Management Department is responsible for the family trust Chen Qiao, Beijing City, HanKun law firm senior adviser Chen Han, CITIC Trust family trust business expert Wu Zheng wait for the Zhejiang entrepreneurs, private custom professional trust law interpretation and wealth "". "Zhejiang" magazine, Zhejiang National Council Chairman Zhu Renhua said: the recent brought external wealth Hangzhou prices surge for many Zhejiang, but in contemporary economic background, how to manage wealth has become a very realistic and urgent problem. He hopes the family trust and CITIC Trust, for more family heritage, Zhejiang wealth management provide some good experience, good product. CITIC Trust market director Cheng Hong said: Zhejiang is the most energetic and creative entrepreneurs in China have their own deep understanding of wealth inheritance, family culture, she hopes to be able to play the CITIC Trust business expertise, Zhejiang wealth management and inheritance to contribute their strength. CITIC Trust since 2013 starting, after two years of development, has completed a personal family trust architecture design for a number of high net worth clients, including the family wealth management assets, family trust business scale industry leader. She hoped that CITIC Trust can also become the most loyal partner of Zhejiang wealth management. It is understood that the family trust is family wealth management tools are widely popular in abroad, but in China is still in its infancy, many customers worry about family trust as an exotic landing in the country whether there is a legal basis, whether the design of the legal level feasible, protected by law. CITIC Trust family trust expert Wu Zheng on the domestic family trust law made a keynote speech. Around the business practice of high net worth clients often put forward eight questions, combined with the Chinese trust legal system, clearly demonstrates the development of a family trust is richly endowed by nature legal protection and support "in china. He cited the "trust law", "contract law", "marriage law", "inheritance" and "property law", "company law" and other relevant laws and family trust business, and offshore trust laws targeted, profound analysis of the trust legal system in China the相关的主题文章: