Since the Zhengzhou heating in advance or feasible heating pipeline began to heat up next week at the end of October, the sudden drop in temperature in most parts of the north, the public wants heating in advance for heating. Xinhua viewpoint reporter interviewed found that the central heating standard has been used for about 40 years. With the changes in climate conditions and the living conditions of the people, "5 consecutive days, the average temperature of less than 5 degrees Celsius," the need to change? China urban heating Association vice chairman Zheng Lijun said, because the range is very large, large scale heating in advance, the need for a comprehensive consideration of the demands of the people, government management, enterprise operation and environmental protection. "Is the 4 consecutive days of low temperature can only be cold?" Since the end of October, Beijing minimum temperature below the continuous, early in the morning of November 1st is as low as 4 degrees celsius. Many people sigh with emotion, winter heating than to come much earlier. Julie, who lives in Beijing, Chaoyang District, said she had to work overtime at night in the office must be wrapped into a bear". During the interview, many people suggested that this year the weather changes a lot is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, the temperature dropped suddenly after a rebound, but soon returned to zero, so it will not achieve the "5 consecutive days" standard. From the actual situation, no heating at the beginning of November will probably be more than heating in the early March colder, so the heating time of questionable rigid provision. According to Beijing heating heating management approach, the statutory heating period from November 15th to March 15th. Beijing City Management Committee heating Office and other departments this Thursday will be held second meteorological consultation, on a cold 7 days before and after the study, if in 15 days before the 5 days average temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, it is possible to heating in advance. According to the current forecast, the possibility of such a situation is unlikely." Beijing heating Office official said, currently more than 1 thousand and 300 units have been heating with the heating conditions, but whether to start heating in advance to the Department to discuss. Beijing started in 2010, the weather consultation mechanism, referring to the average temperature below 5 degrees Celsius for 5 days "standard, only early in 2012 for the warm. "Now more extreme weather, the northern end of October is often very cold. Cold should not be based on the true feelings of the people. Why must it be 5 days? Do 4 consecutive days at low temperature can be cold?" Julie said. A small number of northern cities in the northern part of the heating ahead of similar situations. Yinchuan heating regulations, heating period each year from November 1st to next year in March 31st. But in October 26th Ningxia and more snow. Ningxia University, a number of students said the south campus, so cold weather did not advance heating, simply can not feel at ease in class. The statistical data of Yinchuan city heating property management office, 26 days after the temperature dropped, the city has 20 heating area of about 10000000 square meters of enterprises in 27 officially heating, but the reporter learned that Yinchuan total heating area of 69 million square meters, that is to say only 1/7 of the area of the heating in advance. In accordance with the provisions of Shenyang in November 1st before the formal heating, but some of the District 6 days ahead of the opening of the heating相关的主题文章: